Week… Three? Thursday?

I might have to pay to remove ads from this blog. There was an ad for some kind of magic weight loss which I’d hate to pop up on something I’d written about radical self-acceptance. Urgh.

That interview I had last week… I’ve got to the next stage where they’ve asked me to write a couple of articles. I’ve got some other ones to do so it’s slightly counter-intuitive to put off paid work in favour of maybe-work, plus it’s half term next week, and I’ve got a family funeral to attend the week after. I keep telling myself that my ability to manage time will be much better once I’m not working my real (not real, but, well, you know, current) job, but these are all the sorts of things that do pop up anyway. Families need to be seen, children need school holidays, all of that.

School holidays, spending time with my family… that’s why freelancing is the way to go, and maybe I shouldn’t be swayed just because I had an enjoyable interview at a nice place that would be really fantastic work experience. Just that potential has thrown a spanner in my mental plan. No… I’ve got my heart set on freelancing. It’s flexible, it’s comfortable, I don’t have to commute, and I choose my hours. And I might even have the potential to earn a reasonable salary. Yep, Freelancing is the boy, it’s the one for me, it’s the way to go, it’s the smart choice. I can do it in my pyjamas. Freelance freelance freelance.

Anyway, I’d better go and do my best at this article because I really want this other job.

Published by Elaine Francis

I'm a registered nurse making the jump to freelance writing. I started chronicling my notice period with a view to a smooth segue into full-time writing, but it's become an emotional rollercoaster.

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