Eleven Shifts Left!

Eleven shifts to go. Still mixing excitement and dread. I’m finding it tricky trying to build up more freelance clients while I’m still working; I feel a little bit overwhelmed by my schedule at the minute. I’ve got a few things I need to do, but I’ve got shifts to fit in, it’s half termContinue reading “Eleven Shifts Left!”

Week… Three? Thursday?

I might have to pay to remove ads from this blog. There was an ad for some kind of magic weight loss which I’d hate to pop up on something I’d written about radical self-acceptance. Urgh. That interview I had last week… I’ve got to the next stage where they’ve asked me to write aContinue reading “Week… Three? Thursday?”

Week Three, Monday

I have 14 shifts left before I leave work. As I’m walking out with no guaranteed income and will be on the nurse bank for the same hospital there’s a good chance I’ll be there quite a lot anyway, but it’s a psychological hurdle. As I’m getting closer to leaving, I’m aware that I mayContinue reading “Week Three, Monday”

Week Two – Wednesday

I had that interview today… I don’t know if I’ll get the job, but it’s very interesting – exciting – compelling – to see that there’s life outside the NHS. Healthcare workers might be the only people who suffer office work ideation. Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 is our hymn. I’ve got sixteen official shiftsContinue reading “Week Two – Wednesday”

Day… Whatever. End of Week One (of Eight).

I’ve turned down two more clients today. The first one for being a cheapskate (they seem to have the highest demands, i.e. lowest respect for their writers, as well as just not being a reasonable hourly rate, and – on Upwork at least – taking on cheap jobs is visible, and shows that you’ve doneContinue reading “Day… Whatever. End of Week One (of Eight).”