Medical and Healthcare Content and Copywriting

Elaine Francis is a registered nurse with 17 years’ experience in healthcare. She turned to writing to follow her passion for realistic medical communication. She loves translating medical jargon into accessible language for the people who need to understand it most.
When she’s not writing or working on a busy cardiology unit, she spends her time telling her children to hurry up.

Muck Rack for journalists and public relations

Being a writer with a nursing background means experience with complex situations and critical timescales. Effective communication, priority management and practical problem-solving skills become second nature as a nurse on a busy ward – and as a freelance writer.

My particular passion, both in my role as a nurse and in my writing, is to promote accessibility and understanding for my audience, whether they’re patients, professionals, or the public. I take immense pride in being able to explain complex ideas clearly to anybody, while adhering to a strong and well-researched evidence base.

I’ve had a wide and interesting variety of writing clients around the world over the last few years, and I’ve created lots of content, including:

  • White papers, portfolios, and slide decks – mainly health tech and clinical research.
  • Education and uptake promotion content for public access defibrillators.
  • Web content, articles and blog posts for an assortment of clinics and care providers
  • Updating the website of a natural cancer treatment clinic to strengthen their naturopathic evidence base.
  • Web content for home care providers and GP groups looking to increase traffic to their site.
  • IoT/IoMT and health tech content.
  • ACLS MCQs for a US-based care certificate.
  • Health tech security and privacy content for a high-profile cyber security expert.
  • …and lots more.